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Supervisión y seguridad en el entorno de trabajo

Security and access control

ET-Security provides the tools to provide the required security and protection to documents that do not have these security measures natively.

Enables the ability to lock external USB devices to prevent data leaks.

Provides security sending files throught the Internet or USB devices, encrypting the files. Lose the device, not the information.

Establish access control for your computer network. Know which user has accessed which files and from which computer on their shared network drives.

Actividad de los usuarios

User tracking

You can track user activity. Which programs they use, which files or documents they access and if they have permission to access them.

Identificación de acceso

Access ID

You can configure the computers to require user autentication when accessing the applications of your choice. You can actively deny access to specific applications to specific users.

No USB data leaks


Block access to removable USB drives. Avoid data leaks with USB devices by blocking access to them.


Encryption of files and folders. Limit access to encrypted documents to those who know the unique password for the file. More information.

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