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Productividad empresarial

Business Productivity

ET-Seguridad is based on the optimization of the working time of the different users of the organization. With ET-Seguridad, you can obtain time-of-use statistics of the different applications accessed on the different computers in your computer network.

The application records the name of the active window and the time dedicated to it, we can obtain the total time of dedication, in a certain period. Informing our users of the presence of this software and its capabilities, we can notice an increase in business productivity based on the use of computer equipment.


The use of ET-Seguridad can mean an annual saving about 830 € per employee with an monthly income of 1000€.

Registro de tiempo

Time records

Keep track of the time spent by users in the different applications they run.

You can know, for example, how much time a user has invested in developing a document or visiting a website.

Control de Internet

Internet monitoring

You can see the different websites visited by the user of a computer where ET-Seguridad is installed.

Additionally, you can set navigation restrictions for certain websites remotely, preventing navigation to unwanted sites.

Capturas de pantalla


You can program ET-Seguridad to take screenshots in two ways:

  • With regular intervals:
    From time to time, it will take a screenshot on your computer.
  • When a particular event is generated:
    When a specific application is opened or the title of the window contains a specific text.
Control de accesos

Access control

Register who accesses the company documents.

The system identifies the time, the user and the equipment, origin and destination from which the access is made.

Do not lose detail of what happens in your organization.

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