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ET-Encrypt help

How do I install ET-Encrypt?

To install the ET-Encypt application, you must install the ET-Seguridad application. ET-Encrypt is included in the ET-Seguridad installation package, and can not be obtained otherwise on Windows computers. If you are only interested in ET-Encrypt functionalities for a single computer, we recommend the version for individual computers.


I have forgotten the password of a file, what can I do?

The encryption system of ET-Encrypt falls under the AES 256 encryption system. As a result, if we do not have the password with which the file was encrypted, it will not be possible to recover the document. Try to remember the password with which the document was encrypted, in order to recover it.

My secure folder has stopped encrypting files

ET-Encrypt assigns to folders located on your system the encryption process according to a path. Verify that you have not renamed the folder that was configured for automatic encryption. If so, restore the folder name to restore the automation. You can reconfigure the new folder as a secure store. In the second case, if the password did not match, each existing file that was encrypted would retain its corresponding original key with which the file was protected.

I have a .cryx file and I have no way to access it

ET-Encrypt uses the proprietary .cryx file format to encrypt your files. It is necessary to have ET-Security installed, which includes ET-Encrypt to be able to open this type of file. In case you do not have the possibility to install ET-Security on your computer, you can decrypt your .cryx files from the following website. Once uploaded to the website, it will ask for the corresponding decryption key.

I can not open a file prepared to decrypt online from my email

If you have received an email with an attachment .html in your email and when doing the decryption process ends on a screen similar to the following: Ayuda Error ET-Encrypt descifrado online It is probably because you have opened the file from a e-mail program preview, which blocks certain aspects of this type of files. You can access the encrypted file by following this steps:


  1. Save the attached .html file in your computer, in a easy to acces place, like your “Desktop” or “My Documnents”.
  2. Access the downloaded file location and open it with yur default browser like Chrome o Firefox.
  3. Continue normally pressing the button “descifrar documento”, decrypt document.
  4. Next to this, follow the screen instructions in order to recover your file.
I am not allowed to encrypt files while ET-Encrypt is installed

If you are trying to encrypt a file and the application does not allow it, you probably do not have a valid ET-Security license. In order to use the ET-Encrypt encryption functions, a product license is required. After 30 days from the ET-Security installation date, outside the DEMO period of the product, you will need to purchase a license. You can apply for a license on the following link.