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Software license

ET-Security requires a product license to operate outside the 30-day demonstration period.

Since ET-Security can be installed in two different ways, we will detail how to order these according to the type of installation we have.

Type of Installation

Stand-alone installation

In the case of installing ET-Seguridad independently, we must request a license code for 1 computer. We must request a license code of this type per computer.

Problems with the installation process?
Contact us and we will provide you the required asistance.

Installation in a networked environment

ET-Security, in its network mode, connects to a SQL Server database. This must be previously installed in the network.

Once you request a product license for a network mode, you should count the number of computers that will intall our software. Then you must request a single license for that amount of computers.

When you receive your license code, you should register the computer that holds the SQL database, intruducing the provided code in the registration area of the software. Once the license is stablished, the rest of the network computers will validate against your registered computer.

Get ET-Seguridad from it's download page.