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File encryption

ET-Encrypt allows you to protect your files so that they can not be accessed without their corresponding encryption key.

Below we will see the difference in a text file between its unprotected version and its protected version.

archivo txt no cifrado

Unprotected version

As we can see in the left picture, we have an example of a unprotected document as is. It is a plain text document in .txt format.

archivo txt cifrado

Protected version

Once we apply the encryption process, the contents of the file is completely protected and we are unable to read it. We would need to know the encryption key in order to access the contents of the file.

Fácil proceso de cifrado

Easy to use

With a simple step, having ET-Encrypt installed on your system, you can proceed to encrypt any file you have on your system.

As simple as clicking the right mouse button on the file that we want to protect and accessing the encryption options.


The parameters

Once we choose to encrypt a file, we just have to set the password to use.

The program gives us two additional options:

  • Prepare to decrypt online: Check this option if you do not want to have ET-Encrypt installed on your computer in order to access the document.
  • Delete the original file once completed: For more security, let ET-Encrypt take care of deleting the original file. Be sure to enter the password of the file correctly, because if you do not type it exactly as it was typed, it will be impossible to recover the original file.

Once these parameters are determined, press the encrypt button and the program will begin the process of encrypting your file.

Fácil proceso de cifrado

ET-Encrypt is included in the ET-Security installation package.