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ET-Encrypt, software de cifrado

ET-Encrypt USB

Transport your documents safely In case you lose your storage device in one way, you will only lose the device. All the information that is transported inside the secure folder of the device, will be impossible to access unless the password is known.

Easy to install

We can install ET-Encrypt on any disk drive connected to our computer by right clicking it with the mouse.

It will create a folder that will contain our encrypted files and an executable in the root of the drive.


Easy to use

At the root of the drive, we will find the executable that will activate or deactivate at our convenience the encrypted folder.

When the encrypted folder is active, we can drop files in it. Once we drop a file in the protected folder, it automatically will be cyphered and protected with the password set for the folder.

Using this tool, you can transport sensitive data without the risk of loosing it or being stolen in the process. The device can be stolen, but the data will remain secure when you use a proper password.

ET-Encrypt is included in the ET-Security installation package.