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Et-Encrypt, software de cifrado de archivos

Decryption online

It is possible that the receiver of a encrypted document in .cryx format does not have ET-Seguridad installed in his or her system to be able to open it directly. That’s why in edorTeam we have developed an online decryption tool.

The only requirement to use Et-Encrypt online it is to have an Internet connection.

When you open a file ready to decrypt online, the online system will prompt you for the decryption key of the file. The sender of the file should supply the file receiver with the appropiate password, using a secure channel, in order to provide acces to the file.

Once the decryption process is complete, the receiver can download the protected file from our decryption page.

All these operations are performed through secure connections, avoiding data leaks.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS systems can also generate this type of file.


ET-Encrypt is included in the ET-Security installation package.