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From Oxford dictionary, cypher is the act to put into secret writting.

ET-Encrypt is a program that is included in the ET-Seguridad installation package that requires a license for some of its features.

File encryption

Protect access to your files and documents with the encryption provided by ET-Encrypt. If you do not know the password assigned to the document, there will be no way to access it.

Folder encryption

You can encrypt a group of files contained in a folder with ET-Encrypt. These files will be protected with the same encryption password, including subfolders.

Online file decryption

Since not everyone has to have ET-Seguridad installed on their computers, we enable the possibility of being able to decrypt the files prepared for it.

Mobile apps avaiable

ET-Encrypt is aviable to purchase in Adnroid and iOS devices from their own app markets.

ET-Encrypt USB

There is a version of ET-Encrypt available for external USB devices that will allow you to transport your documentation safely. Even if you lose your device, you will not lose your information.