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Software ET-Seguridad
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ET-Security, the ultimate access control software.

ET-Seguridad is the access control software with multiple possibilities of application.

Acces control for files and programs in a business environment

In enterprise environments, it is important to keep the data contained to avoid possible information leakage. EdorTeam, with ET-Seguridad, provides an environment that will keep access control to your resources under surveillance.

System A system administrators tool

ET-Security is designed with system administrators in mind. With the possibility of being installed unattended, you can deploy ET-Security quickly and without having to bother your users.

Prevent a data leakage

ET-Seguridad incorporates mechanisms to prevent a data leakage in a business environment.

Project control tool

Justify the hours invested in carrying out different tasks to a third party

Parental control

Having children in a home with Internet can give them access to sites that are not convenient for their age. ET-Seguridad provides functionalities to control the use of computer equipment in a domestic environment.